Good inclusive practices in video-conferences and videao-panel
“Women and Physics” committee of the French Society of Physics, under the direction of N. Lidgi-Guigui

Highly sensitive detection of estradiol by a SERS sensor based on TiO2 covered with gold nanoparticles
A. Brognara, I. F. Mohamad Ali Nasri, B. R. Bricchi, A. Li Bassi, C. Gauchotte-Lindsay, M. Ghidelli, N. Lidgi-Guigui
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology

Sensing Polymer/Paracetamol Interaction with an Independent Component Analysis-Based SERS-MIP Nanosensor
N. Decorbie, I. Tijunelyte, S. Gam-Derouich, J. Solard, A. Lamouri, P. Decorse, N. Felidj, C. Gauchotte-Lindsay, E. Rinnert, C. Mangeney, N. Lidgi-Guigui
Plasmonics (2020)


Tunable multi-layers of self-organized silica nanospheres by spin-coating
S. Kasmi, J. Solard, I. Tijunelyte, A. P. A. Fischer, M. Lamy de la Chapelle, N. Lidgi-Guigui
Journal of nanomaterials (2018), (2018)


Diazonium Salt-Based Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Nanosensor: Detection and Quantitation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water Samples
I. Tijunelyte, S. Betelu, J. Moreau, I. Ignatiadis, C. Berho, N. Lidgi-Guigui, E. Guénin, C. David, S. Vergnole, E. Rinnert and M. Lamy de la Chapelle
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Multi-functionalization of lithographically designed gold nanodisks by plasmon-mediated reduction of aryl diazonium salts
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Nanoscale horizon (2017), DOI : 10.1039/C7NH00113D

Phosphorylation impact on Spleen Tyrosine Kinase conformation by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
M. Cottat, R. Yasukuni, Y. Homma, N. Lidgi-Guigui, N. Varin-Blank, M. Lamy de la Chapelle, C. Le Roy
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Evidence of the Grafting Mechanisms of Diazonium Salts on Gold Nanostructures
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Red-Shift Effects in Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Spectral or Intensity Dependence of the Near-Field?
F. J. Colas, M. Cottat, R. Gillibert, N. Guillot, N. Djaker, N. Lidgi-Guigui, T. Toury, D. Barchiesi, A. Toma, E. Di Fabrizio, P. G. Gucciardi, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
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Nanoplasmonics tuned click chemistry
I. Tijunelyte, E. Guenin, N. Lidgi-Guigui, F. Colas, J. Ibrahim, T. Toury, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
Nanoscale, 8, 7105 (2016)


Highly sensitive detection of paclitaxel by surface enhanced Raman scattering
M. Cottat, N. Lidgi-Guigui, F. Hamouda, B. Bartenlian, D. Venkataraman, R. S. Marks, T. W. J. Steele, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
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High Sensitivity, High Selectivity SERS Detection of MnSOD Using Optical Nanoantennas Functionalized with Aptamers
M. Cottat, C. D’Andrea, R.Yasukuni, N. Malashikhina, R. Grinyte, N. Lidgi-Guigui, B. Fazio, A. Sutton, O. Oudar, N. Charnaux, V. Pavlov, A. Toma, E. Di Fabrizio, P. G. Gucciardi, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
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Investigation of aromatic hydrocarbons inclusion into cyclodextrins by Raman spectroscopy and thermal analysis
Tijunelyte, N. Dupont, I. Milosevic, C. Barbey E. Rinnert N. Lidgi-Guigui, E. Guenin, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
Environmental Science and pollution research, (2015)


Soft UV nanoimprint lithography designed highly sensitive substrates for SERS detection
M. Cottat, N. Lidgi-Guigui, I. Tijunelyte, G. Barbillon, F. Hamouda, Ph. Gogol, A. Aassime, J.-M. Lourtioz, B. Bartenlian and M. Lamy de la Chapelle
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Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) biosensor for the protein detection
M. Cottat, N. Thioune, A.-M. Gabudean, N. Lidgi-Guigui, M. Focsan, S. Astilean, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
Plasmonics, 8, 699 (2013)

Study of gold nanorods–protein interaction by localized surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
N. Thioune, N. Lidgi-Guigui, M. Cottat, A.-M. Gabudean, M. Focsan, H.-M. Benoist, S. Astilean, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
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Functionalization layer influence on the sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor
D. Barchieisi, N. Lidgi-Guigui, M. Lamy de la Chapelle
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Investigation of DNA Condensing Properties of Amphiphilic Triblock Cationic Polymers by Atomic Force Microscopy
N. Lidgi-Guigui, C. Guis, A. Kichler, B. Brissault, C. Leborgne, D. Scherman, S. Labdi, P. Curmi
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Seed induced growth of binary Ag/Au nanostructures on a graphite surface
N. Lidgi-Guigui, P. Mulheran, R. E. Palmer
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Weak binding of protein molecules to size selected gold nanoparticles
N. Lidgi-Guigui, C. Leung, R. E. Palmer
Surface Science 602, 1006 (2008)
(Full text)


Sharp assembly of small clusters for room temperature observation of Coulomb blockade
N. Lidgi-Guigui, P. Seneor, F. Nguyen Van Dau, A. Friederich, A. Vaurès and C. Deranlot.
App. Phys. Lett. 90, 233101 (2007)

Grafted 2D assemblies of colloids metal nanoparticles for application as variable capacitor
N. Lidgi-Guigui, D. Veautier, C. Dablemont, P. Seneor, G. Viau, F. Nguyen Van Dau, C. Mangeney, A. Friederich, A. Vaurès and C. Deranlot.
Adv. Material 19, 1729 (2007)


Evidence for spin injection in a single metallic nanoparticle: a step towards nanospintronics
A. Bernand-Mantel, P. Seneor, N. Lidgi, M. Munoz, V. Cros, K Bouzehouane, S. Fusil, C. Deranlot, A. Vaurès, F. Petroff and A. Fert
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Principle of a variable capacitor based on Coulomb blockade of nanometric-size cluster
P. Seneor, N. Lidgi, J. Carrey, H. Jaffrès, F. Nguyen Van Dau, A. Friederich, A. Fert
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Capacitance variation of an assembly of cluster in the Coulomb blockade regime
J. Carrey, P. Seneor, N. Lidgi, H. Jaffrès, F. Nguyen Van Dau, A. Fert, A. Friederich, F. Montaigne, A. VaurèsJ. Appl. Phys. 95, 1265 (2004)
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